How to: Make a Vision Board

Vision boards are probably the most powerful tool I’ve ever had in planning & achieving my goals.  I’ve seen real results with mine, and LOVE making them!!  Here’s how to make your own:

1. Surf Pinterest!

You can also go through magazines, etc. if you like the tangibility of flipping through the pages better.  Find anything that calls to you – you don’t need a clear goal when you start, just go with whatever moves you!  I never realized how much I craved water and was calmed by it until I was creating a vision board and kept being drawn to the beaches and the pools.  Now I live on the water and couldn’t be happier!  Sometimes your heart can tell you what your head can’t, so follow your feelings here.

2.  Print out your favorite ones-

They might not all fit on your board – just pick the ones that are your favorites.

3.  Go through magazines looking for buzzwords that will drive home the aesthetic of your board.

I also love to print quotes that help put into words the goals I have.

Once you have everything collected, just paste them onto a posterboard and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day!!  This works a lot like the law of attraction and manifestation – seeing it every day will give you the feeling of having those things, and keep them at the front of your mind to help you achieve your goals!!

I usually make a new one every couple of months, or whenever I feel that my goals have been achieved or shifted.

Let me know if you’ve tried making one & how it worked for you!!


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